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2024 Amazing San Diego Adventure Sharing!

Join Us throughout the Safari Summer '2024 for Spectacular SEASONAL SAVINGS...
Exclusively with San Diego Safari.

*Our NEW 'Trident Technology' is breaking records...

2022 San Diego Safari Tech Chosen as Southern Baja Travel Bureau!

The Federal Program of Distinguished Visitors was signed for an eight-year course of work.

New Transportation, Destination and Event channels for Baja Mexico, from the "Gateway To Mexico", San Diego, California USA.

*2017 Brand New Concrete Laid Our New Foundation!

There's nothing like owning your own digs and now we have just finished our new concrete foundation on the Pacific Coast! After much fanfare, in 2016, our construction was completed! Located at 3133 Ocean Front Walk, San Diego, California 92109.

'Join Us' this month for our NEW 'Digs Celebration!

*2015 Award Winning Technology

Welcome to San Diego! Individual Travel Packages to Group Travel Arrangements are accomplished easily with San Diego Safari. Motivate your people with our Incredible Incentive programs. You’ve seen our unique Safari App in films and on national television. Our technology connection will amaze and elevate your San Diego Experience.

A wide variety of Travel Experiences are available in "San Diego". Even if you are arranging your own travel and you need to hook-up specialized, even adventure oriented transportation and locales, like the TV X-Files Desert locations, the Safari App will make it happen. Helicopters, Hummers and Mexican style Fish Tacos are just the beginning! TV’s Bay Watch, San Diego's Gaslamp District, San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, San Diego Sea World, Old Town San-Diego & Nightlife!

Located Downtown in San Diego and on the beaches of San Diego, California USA, the Safari App delivers multi-day, five star complete service delivery. Complete Travel Services including Transportation, Overnights, Catering and Private Security. Everything from off road Jeep Adventures to Room Service at your Private Beach Bungalow. Whether you are in town or planning for next month, we'll uber you now!

San Diego Safari is a technology company that has developed an Adventure Sharing APP that connects users with service providers. San Diego Safari is not a transportation carrier, nor tour operator and does not deliver specific services. 

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